Veritas Ventriloquist

Veritas Ventriloquist (current)

Performance with sewing machine, effects- and sewing machine pedals, electro-magnetic microphones, talk-box, magnetic tape, found objects.
Full performance length: 8 minutes

This performance is part of an artistic research project which investigates historical correlations between gender and technical media. 19th and early 20th Century devices such as the foot pedal and vocal synthesisers have been predominantly operated by women, and this trend has characterised the designs, functioning and social construction of these mechanisms. By re-appropriating and controlling aspects of these different technologies with my body on stage, I create a dynamic woman-machine interface which questions and re-forges the possible uses and meanings of these tools.

Cinematography/thumbnail image credit: Kayla Elrod
Audio recording assistance: Ani Samperi

Tags: 2020